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API Version History

1.41 Released February 12th 2016

  • Updated ingredient formatting

1.40 Released November 20th 2015

1.37 Released March 30th 2015

  • Added matchedTerms to replyStatus structure
  • Added support for crossDomain Ajax programming
  • Added support for https
  • Updated json primitive type output for mpc:symbol

1.34 Released January 23rd 2015

1.20 Released June 20th 2014

1.12 Released June 6th 2014

  • Added support for relabeled NDCs (see matchNdc).
  • Updated core framework to v2.54.
  • Added new elements to reply data (date, matchNdc, sourceNdc9, relabeledNdc9, relabelersNdc9).
  • Added ability to search for brand, generic and active ingredient names (see name).
  • Added ability to search for inactive ingredients (see inactive).
  • Added parse parameter.
  • Added includeActive alias for includeActiveIngredients.
  • Added includeInactive alias for includeInactiveIngredients.

1.00 Released September 8th 2013

  • Added support for product ingredients, both active and inactive (see includeIngredients ).
  • Enhanced search imprint.
  • Updated core framework to v2.4.

0.92 Released June 21st 2013 (internal review)

  • Added acqDate to reply.

0.91 Released May 31st 2013 (internal review)

  • Added support for MPC element branch in results, see documentation.
  • Resolved shape mapping between FDA shape definition and API shape definition where FDA specifically defines number of sides.

0.9 Released May 15th 2013 (internal review)

  • Initial release.

0.8 Released April 4th 2013 (internal review)

  • Pre-release specification.

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