Boolean value (true or false) used to control the inclusion of ingredient data in the image reply. Default state is false.


Set to false (default) to omit ingredient data from reply. Set to true to include the `ingredients` data element in each image structure returned.

Both active and inactive ingredients will be included in the `ingredients` data element.

`ingredientsAvailable` will be set to either true or false indicating if ingredients were available for each pill image structure returned. If ingredients are not available, no active or inactive ingredients will be returned; this does NOT indicate the pill does not contain any active ingredients.

Note the ingredients are specific to a single pill, not an NDC which may include many individual pills.

See section "5. Reply data" for details of `ingredients` data element.

Example Values

includeIngredients=false //do not include ingredients data structure in each image reply
includeIngredients=true //include ingredients data structure in each image reply

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