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/resource?ndc = value


Valid 9, 10 or 11 digit NDC optionally followed by a part number in the format “pN” where N is the part number required. FDA specification 10 digit NDC must contain either 2 or 3 segments separated by a dash symbol. Medicaid specification 11 digit NDC ((CMS), 2007) or the non package specific 9 digit variation can either be presented with or without segment separation.


The complete 3 segment (Labeler, Product, Packaging) NDC format is accepted for convenience, please note the default NDC matching only considers the first two segments (Labeler & Product). If an exact 11 digit match is required please see parameter matchPackSize.

It should also be noted that by default the matchRelabeled parameter is true, therefore NDC returned may not numerically match that requested. See matchRelabeled for more information.

If no part is specified, all available parts associated with the requested NDC will be returned.

By default all known versions of the requested NDC will be returned. The user should always expect the possibility of a returned results set to be larger than a single image identifier, unless a specific image Id has been requested with the ‘id’ parameter.

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Example Values

ndc=12345-678-90 // FDA 10 digit NDC
ndc=1234-5678-90p2 // FDA 10 digit NDC, part 2
ndc=1234-5678 // FDA 10 digit NDC, no pack size
ndc=12345-6789-01 // Medicaid 11 digit NDC
ndc=12345-6789 // Medicaid 9 digit NDC
ndc=12345-6789p2 // Medicaid 9 digit NDC, part 2
ndc=12345678901 // Medicaid 11 digit NDC
ndc=123456789 // Medicaid 9 digit NDC
ndc=12345678901p3 // Medicaid 11 digit NDC, part 3


See section "7.1 Request by NDC" for example.

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