Boolean value:

  • true (default) - automatically search for relabeled versions of the specified NDC if an image for the specified NDC is not available.

  • false - only return products matching the specified NDC.


Used in conjunction with ndc parameter to control NDC matching.

It is common for several companies (known as relabelers) to market a pill manufactured by another, each pill, although identical, will be assigned a differenct NDC by each relabeler. By default if a requested NDC can't be found in the image database, we will check for any relabeled versions.

The `matchNdc` element in the image reply data describes the relationship between the requested NDC and the NDC of the returned image. Possible values are:

  • Exact - an exact match for the requested NDC was returned.
  • Other - an exact match for the requested NDC was not found, a relabeled visually identical version of the pill was returned.

If the returned image is known to be a relabeled product, or relabeled versions of this product are known, then an additional element `relabelersNdc9` is also included. The element data of this field provides a comma separated list of all known relabeled NDC9 values along with the source products NDC9, this forms a one to many parent, child relationship. It should be noted that this element can occur more than once if a relabeled product is itself listed as the source of another relabeled product.

Example Values

includeRelabelled=false //do not try to match NDC against relabeled products
includeRelabelled=true //include relabeled products in NDC search

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