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Physical imprint present on pill, imprint elements should be separated by a comma. To search for pill(s) without any imprint value, use the value “no-imprint”.


Imprints are case insensitive (teva = TEVA = TeVa). If multiple comma separated elements are given, all elements must be found in a pill's imprint to be considered a match. Logically multiple elements are combined with a logical AND.

Example Values

/resource?imprint=no-imprint // Return images that do not contain an imprint

/resource?imprint=teva // Return all images with an imprint of “teva”

/resource?imprint=teva,54 // Return all images with an imprint of “teva” AND “54”

Example Reply

Reply for query: ?imprint=teva,54

    "date":"2018-05-20 12:17:44 GMT",
      "name":"buspirone hydrochloride 10 MG Oral Tablet",
      "labeler":"Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc",
      "attribution":"National Library of Medicine | Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications | Office of High Performance Computing and Communications | Medicos Consultants LLC"

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