5. GET Parameters, Enumeration

Many image selection parameters use a limited dictionary of input values. While all valid input values are described in the manual page for each image selection parameter, these lists may be updated over time. It is therefore recommended that an application presenting a list of options to a user obtain the current list of options by means of the enumeration resource. In addition to the input value itself, a description of the input value is also provided for many cases. This description may be used in an application, for example as hover over text to describe each input option.

The resource path for enumeration lists is as follows:

/api/rximage/1/enum/[list name]

Where list name is one of the following:

List NameNotes
shapeDescriptions Provided
sizeReturns pill sizes currently available in API
scoreDescriptions Provided
imprintTypeDescriptions Provided
collectionNameReturns available image collection names with descriptions
resolutionDescription Provided, *see notes below*

*To enumerate all available resolutions in a collection, the 'resolution' resource path must be followed by the collection name in question. For example:


Details of the collection resolution are returned in the description element data in the following format:

  • Width, Height, Average Bits Per Pixel, Image Format (e.g. JPEG)

Reply Data

The actual enum element itself contains two further data elements per item.

  • “name” - Item name, usually the input value to an image selection command
  • “description” - Item description


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