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"The LHNCBC Medical Ontology Research project encompasses basic research on biomedical terminologies and ontologies and their applications to natural language processing, clinical decision support, translational medicine, data integration and interoperability."

Tools & Resources

  • RxNav: Navigating drug information sources
  • SemNav: UMLS® Semantic Navigator
    (UMLS Terminology Services [UTS] account required)
  • SNOMED CT Status API: A web service for accessing the current status of SNOMED CT concepts
  • LOINC Mapto API: A web service for accessing the mappings of LOINC concepts
  • RxImage API: A web service for accessing digital images and associated metadata for prescription oral solid dosage formulations
  • RxTerms: A drug interface terminology derived from RxNorm for prescription writing or medication history recording
  • I-MAGIC: A demo tool to showcase generation of ICD-10-CM codes based on SNOMED CT-encoded problems, using NLM"s SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM Map
  • MAGPIE: A interactive tool to help users find SNOMED CT and ICD-10-PCS codes for medical procedures and interventions

Publications & Presentations


  • Olivier Bodenreider, MD, PhD: Senior scientist, Group leader
  • Kin Wah Fung, MD, MS, MA: Staff scientist
  • Yuquin Mao, PhD: Research programmer
  • Lee Peters, MS: Senior research software engineer
  • Phillips Wolf, BA: Research systems engineer
  • Robert Wynne, BS: Research programmer
  • Julia Xu, MD, PhD: Research terminologist
  • Vinh Nguyen, PhD: Post-doctoral fellow
  • Alumni and former collaborators


Email: Olivier Bodenreider