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C3PI RxImageAccess RESTful API

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The Office of High Performance Computing and Communications (OHPCC) is the focal point for NLM’s and LHNCBC’s high performance computing and communications research and development activities. It conducts R&D in advanced computing and communications technologies and the application of these technologies to biomedical research and communications. The Computational Photography Project for Pill Identification (C3PI) is developing information infrastructure for identifying unknown oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals (pills) from digital photographs, and is generating a comprehensive portfolio of digital images of those pills along with supplementary metadata for computer vision research. In this effort, OHPCC computer scientists are seeking object identification metrics and methods that are invariant with respect to camera angle, lighting, and the color transfer functions often found in digital cameras. Toward developing new tools for pill identification, the C3PI project is generating a comprehensive portfolio of digital images of oral solid dosage medications from the Nation's prescription formulary. Their goal is that this portfolio is the public foundation for computer vision research in content-based information retrieval and image-based search. In addition to these image data, C3PI is generating information on color classification, image segmentation, pill description and dimensions, as well as other metadata. The data collection and the derivative digital science are an investment in consumer safety.

This site contains documentation for a RESTful web API - RxImageAccess - configured to allow meaningful use access to Oral Solid Dosage Pharmaceuticals (OSDP) images generated as part of the OHPCC C3PI project.

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